100 Days and Runnin’

Music is culture. Music is life. Life is better with more great music in it. Beats Music doesn’t want to just give you access to a music catalog, we want to help you fill your life with great music every moment of the day — the right song for right now. And guess what… it’s working.

In just three short months, Beats Music launched on all major mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), and is available in your Web browser, Sonos, and Chevy cars. We’ve given out keys to our API to some 500 developers. We’ve aired a Super Bowl commercial with Ellen DeGeneres, partnered with some of the nations biggest brands–like AT&T and Target–and acquired the ArtistLink artist services platform from Topspin. But we didn’t stop there.

We set incredibly high expectations for converting trial listeners to paid listeners through our AT&T partnership, specifically through our one-of-a-kind family plan (five subscriptions for $14.99/month). One hundred days in and the rate of conversion from trial to paid has far surpassed our projections by more than 40%, and 33% of our overall subscriptions have come through AT&T. But we didn’t stop there either.

We saw that more than half our listeners are using the service through an iPhone or iPad and so we added the ability to pay with your Apple ID just over a week ago.  As a result, we’ve seen a 5x increase in our daily paid conversion making us the #1 music app in iTunes.

100 days of beats music

It’s been a busy 100 days and we’re not slowing down any time soon. The more our Beats Music subscribers use the service, the better the experience we’re able to deliver. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • Listeners love the curation: Curated playlists have generated 690 years worth of listening hours to date. In addition to our curators – our community of listeners have already created more than 2 million playlists of their own
  • People don’t just stop by, they stay awhile: Engagement is off the charts with more than 60% of our listeners using the service multiple times a day. They’ve also collectively followed artists 27 million times and actively “loved” 17.5 million tracks, genres and albums
  • We’re delivering the right song at the right time: More than half the music played stems from our expert-curated playlists and the feature known as “The Sentence”
  • Curation and personalization ARE enabling discovery: In the past 100 days, more than 70% of our listeners streamed a song for the first time due to one of our curated features
  • All artists are treated equally: One in four plays on Beats Music is from an independent label, who receive the same payment as major label acts
  • And those artists are seeing the value in Beats Music listeners: We’ve offered exclusives from artists like Nine Inch Nails, YG and Future, Lykke Li and A$AP Rocky as well as numerous digital exclusives in partnership with Target

Thanks sincerely to all our subscribers for supporting us, to everyone who’s ever tested Beats Music for giving us a chance, to all our partners for their belief in us, and most of all to the entire team here who have dedicated their time, energy, passion to this effort.

We’re just getting started but already one thing is becoming clear–numbers don’t lie: a curated, personalized music service that drives discovery and connects listeners directly to artists IS worth paying for. We’ve always known it.

Happy 100 days.